My Story

Kind designs for Fierce Hearts

Little Wildlings was born to help celebrate how your children see you, while being kind to your skin, kind to the planet and kind to our supply chain. It’s time to express yourself knowing no harm has come to anyone or anything during your clothes creation. All our garments are sustainable, ethical and made with love for family adventures.

Hi, I’m Cathryn! Little Wildlings founder, designer and Mama to 3. I know the rollercoaster that is family life and the uncompromising love that comes with raising children. In a world where there’s so much negativity, I feel so strongly that we need to raise a generation who know kindness, love, adventure and finding joy in the simple things and who value themselves for who they are. As parents, we have a huge responsibility to set an example...and it never fails to inspire me how many of us are absolutely winning!

Little Wildlings was started to share bold and joyful designs for children back in 2018. But it soon became clear that it was Fierce Mamas who really wanted to treat themselves so my focus changed to creating empowering designs which help women express themselves as they raise their brood. 

Of course, mamas teaching their children how to live and love well are the sorts of women who want everyone to be treated with as much kindness which is why our focus is on organic & sustainable materials and an ethical supply chain which will put your mind at rest. Built alone, from scratch, with each design cut and printed by hand at my home in Tetbury, Little Wildlings has always been my other baby.

Raised with love and determination to reach other women who are as passionate about kind, joyful living. Now Little Wildlings is more than a kitchen table business. It’s a tribe of women driven to raise a better future and to celebrate all they are in the process! I’m glad you’ve found us!

We’ve got this!